Thursday, 23 July 2015

Study tips - from cognitive research 

My sister is currently studying psychology and one of her papers is about cognition.  I have done a little work in this area and have found it sooo interesting and helpful in the area of learning and my particular domain - literacy and numeracy.

Anyway, she is deep into it and is sending me brief summaries of study tips fresh off the research train.  They are great so I'll post them here.  Thanks sis.

Study tip one: Memory pegging 
Memory pegging is a surface level learning technique that rocks.  Remember that the best learners select whether to engage in deep learning or surface learning based on a cost/benefit ratio.  If it's worth learning - go deep, elaborate and connect - if you need to recall facts either for recall or to elaborate on later, then attach target information to sequential mental objects.

Study tip two: free up working memory

Write down your worries before an exam, test, attending a meeting etc.  It frees up working memory for better recall.

Working memory is like your work table - if its all cluttered with other stuff there's no room for you to work.  Clear it.

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