Saturday 23 January 2016

Developing Maths Skills at Home

Due to my role working with adults, I have a unique perspective on children's education.  My view is 20/20 because I get to look back on a persons' learning history and figure out what went wrong. A persons relationship with maths is ALWAYS a factor, for reasons I've discussed a lot on this blog.

The family culture possibly plays the BIGGEST part in determining whether a child will achieve mathematically or not. And it needs to start early.  The clip below gives ideas about how to cultivate a family culture that will contribute to a healthy mathematical outlook.  It also includes math problems you can use with your children or yourself.  If you are home-schooling this should be useful.

The YouTube version is here (recommended).  Or watch below.  


  1. This is genius. Nice work. I'm going to repost and link back to here.

  2. As a follow up, why don't you post the slides for people to print out. They can stick them to the wall or whiteboard. Or fridge works well a whiteboard.

  3. This is a great idea. Please could you post links to some of the websites you use as sources for these problems?

  4. Thanks Graeme and Diva! Good idea about the slides Graeme - I'm on it. Thanks for reposting too - appreciate it.

    Diva, a bunch of people have all asked the same thing - so yes I'll totally get on to it. I'm a bit lazy so give me a day or two.