Wednesday 20 August 2014


I gave a brief presentation today about adult numeracy.  I decided to give an authentic task to the class to 'put them in the zone'.  The idea was that the task would help them experience the discomfort many adult learners feel in numeracy classes.  We were then going to talk about how adults have affective responses to numeracy tasks that impact on our engagement.  Then we were to discuss our actual approach to solving the task.

It worked.  Horrible task - but here it is.  (oh - yes I know that it should be an 80 litre barrel...)

As you can imagine we had some affective responses.  Some good, some not so good.

The final slide was meant to be that below - but we never quite made it.

But - it is still a very good question.


  1. especially if this sense of joyfulness has been educated out of us through a decade or more of maths teaching