Saturday 25 February 2017

A strategy for using numeracy worksheets

Many tutors feel that they need to be a numeracy expert to teach numeracy.  This is not true.  

As a numeracy tutor think instead of engaging your learners in mathematical thinking.  

They do the thinking – not you.

The secret to doing this is to get the learners to talk about the problems you introduce.  While explaining is important, it should be the learner doing this, not you. The following guide is a method of delivering a numeracy session in an easy and effective manner.

1. Hand the learners at least four problems and ask them to select one they want to work on. Ask the learner why they selected the problem.  What was it about the problem that stood out to them? 

2. Have the learners describe the problem and whether they have ever experienced anything like this personally. Ask others if they have had similar experiences.

3. What type of mathematical thinking is going to be needed?  For example, will we need to count, add, subtract or multiply? Or, does the problem require a more complex approach?

4. Ask learners to describe the problem including the people, and the variables involved.

5. Ask learners to identify which numbers are important to solve the problem.

6. Ask learners to clearly state what the numbers represent.

7. Ask learners to take time to work through the problem.

9. Ask learners to discuss their solutions and open this up to discussions.

10. Draw together learners' thinking and discuss whether the problem has been solved.