Thursday, 2 July 2020

Numeracy Resources for Entry Level Engineering

Many years ago I was asked to put together some resources for entry-level engineering students who struggled with numeracy. The content is good, but the resources were never presented as a coherent whole. 

Below is an image that includes them all. It has both video and resources attached. Certainly nothing flash, but worth while if you are teaching numeracy concepts to lower-skilled adults. 

Friday, 19 June 2020

A new project

I've been working on various areas of numeracy for over 20 years and find I have quite an original and dare I say 'state of the art' approach and content. 

The plan is to capture some of this content and put it into a 'Master Course' in adult numeracy. The idea is that you sign up to the course and work through the modules and complete a small task at the end of each session. A session consists of a video clip, an information sheet with tasks, and an online space to interact with other people. There are about 10 sessions. 

For a limited time here is the second video clip. The challenge has been getting the language right. The audience is primarily trades tutors. Trades tutors are highly intelligent but not used to education language that teachers are familiar with. So I've chosen a down to earth tone that I would have appreciated when I was just starting out. 

It's not perfect but as a first draft its a step in the right direction.