Tuesday 24 June 2014

Side projects...

As you know, as well as working to complete a PhD I also deliver workshops to educators across the country.  But I also have a few little side projects on the go. One in particular, is the development of a revolutionary type of resource designed to engage people of all ages in mathematics - so that anyone can taste the joy of maths - and come back for more.

Recently. I have tested the materials on the toughest most disengaged adult learners - And they loved it.  I have tested it on children of various ages and they loved it.  Last week, I ran another little test and used one of the resources in a workshop with tutors.  Again - they loved it.

I might be on to something here.  It does appear that your average person does enjoy maths if it is presented in certain ways.

Anyway, today I am off to Palmerston North.  I may try out another resource with this group and see how it goes down.  (Update - it went very well).

The paradigm of the resource is different from other maths resources I've seen or used.  Basically four key features dominate 1. Identity shift. 2. Fun, 3. Engagement, 4. Satisfaction.  Who you'da thunk it'd be so successful?

People like math.

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