Sunday 14 September 2014

Fixed versus growth mindsets...

If you want to discover one of the reasons some people succeed and others do not, then explore the difference between fixed and growth mindsets. But prepare for a journey into your own psyche.

I have talked about them here.  But Graeme Smith has found a great video clip that you must watch and show your kids!  It is very watchable and sums it up very well.  I recommend all parents read it and investigate it closer.  Click here for the article.

One of the most interesting things for me personally, is what the research has to say about how we encourage our children.  In particular whether we should say:

"Well done, you are really talented!"


"Well done, all that hard work you put in has really paid off!"

One of these is good and one is bad, see if you can work out which is which.


  1. Having sat with this idea of growth versus fixed mindset for some months now, I'm pleased to say I'm slowly but surely challenging the fixed mindset that I've always lived under and am learning instead to believe in a growth attitude to 'failure' is greatly changed from one of humiliation to humility and potential learning ability. I'm a long way from success in this particular journey, but I'm learning!

  2. Yeah, its good stuff alright. Did you watch the Khan video clip?