Thursday 16 June 2016

Understanding bar graphs 

Superman has his Fortress of Solitude to ponder problems.  Reed Richards has his thinking room to ponder the meaning of the universe.  I suggest you too, develop a small thinking space in your day, during which you can ponder new ideas, and sharpen the mind. Case in point - two clips below. 

Last year I was asked to make several clips that would support learners' statistical knowledge. I decided that the series should concentrate at the lower levels.  This clip covers an activity that demonstrates how a bar graph works.  The second clip takes this a bit further and shows how data can be better represented.

If you are an educator, I think that the two clips (while not perfect) might provide some good ideas.  They are easy to do to, and produce lots of god learning.  

Number 1

Number 2


  1. nice to see you promoting this work... I haven't seen it promoted anywhere. Need to feature on my blog next I think

  2. It'll sit in the back blocks of the internet forever I think. It's very average I think...