Monday 14 April 2014

Freaking out over maths.

Math anxiety has been an area I have been highly interested in over the years. I have seen the fear in learners eyes (and tutors) when they feel they will be publicly 'outed' as 'bad at math' or, as in the elegant words of one of my participants a "dumb so and so".

Math anxiety  has many tendrils and it's existence manifests in a variety of ways.  It is debilitating, misunderstood and one of the most relevant issues in adult education today.

Graeme Smith from ALEC has a great article here, in which he covers a module he is designing within The Diploma in Adult Literacy and Numeracy (NZDipALN).  He does a great job in covering the main issues and looks at how the new qualification may approach the topic.  Graeme is always up for input so please make comments via his blog.

ALEC is currently designing a fantastic programme and qualification for tutors seeking to move forward from the National Certificate in Adult Literacy and Numeracy Education.  It is a great step and I highly recommend it for any tutor who would like to have a greater impact in the sector.

Again ALEC leads the way in adult literacy and numeracy.  Really worth checking out the entire site - just click here.


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