Sunday 20 April 2014

You can’t spect a kid to change if all ya do is tell em…

It may seem strange but I have watched this clip about five times.  Something in it really gets to me and I think it is this:  injustice.

Perhaps it is because it touches on my own background.  I have been this student, and I have met many many other learners who are intensely interested in having great futures, achieving things, changing the world and making a difference.  But... are unable to do so because they lack the skills to do so - and they know it. Worse, the services offered to them are of such low quality that gaining those skills becomes impossible.  They would work hard if they just knew what to do.  

This young man happened to possess the vocabulary and intelligence to articulate what many young people don't figure out until years later.   

Jeff is a pain in the budunsky, but for all the right reasons.  We need more like him.


  1. In an odd kind of way this youth is already educated, he possess the language to ask for what he needs where many others simply use anger - in my opinion the anger is often simply trying to articulate what this youth has been able to find language for. It also brings home to me that education takes place within relationship, he is asking for passion, face to face time. Know that I care before you care what I know stuff!

  2. Yip, it's interesting that almost all of America got behind him - except the school.