Tuesday 12 August 2014

Home Educator Options

Graeme Smith has been posting material lately that would be hugely beneficial to home educators with children in the high school years.  In my conversations with parents, they are often unsure of how to begin navigating through the accreditation process.  The world of NCEA and NZQA can be challenging to say the least.

Graeme is developing some templates that can be used to collect evidence for some of the literacy units.  I think they look great and we will probably use them.  Definitely have a look.

You can find Graeme's material here and here.  But I would suggest hunting around the posts for other ideas as well.

Graeme's most recent post discusses the minimum criteria necessary to enter University.  Well worth a look, and a good stimulant to thinking about ways forward for home educated kids.  Click here.

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