Monday 23 March 2015

A big thank you to VARDA for a lovely evening last night.

Varda is the new name for The Waikato School of Hairdressing.  I have had the privilege of working with their tutors occasionally over the last few years (maybe longer!).

The Varda team is fantastic.  From the owners, to the managers, to the tutors, they not only design 'a look', but students too, building confidence, skills, and artistry.  They take young people with few skills, and mold them into amazing hair designers with ambitious dreams.  But it is not only that.  The students possess a confidence and professionalism about them that is a direct response to the ethos of Varda.  The place hums with energy.  And the thing that strikes me the most when talking to the Varda staff, is how much they care about their students.  They are invested in their success, at a personal and professional level.

Having talked with their students, it's pretty clear VARDA has had a huge impact on them.  It has broadened their horizons, introducing them to new opportunities that many hadn't had access to.  I spoke with students who's early school years were less than positive, in fact darn right tragic in some cases.  And as we know, these beginnings often end with poor life outcomes.  Yet, for these students the programmes they were on, had changed that trajectory, setting them on a path toward achievement and success.  The stories are an encouragement for anyone working with young people and wondering if any of it makes a difference.  Yes it does.

Varda is a success story.  The students are evidence.

Check out their site here: VARDA


  1. Yes. I thought so too. The HOT HOT HOT page with the chilli pepper hair is cool.