Monday 30 March 2015

Staff attrition rates

I would love to see the data on tutor attrition rates in educational organisations.  I wonder if we would see patterns?  Do tutors leave in packs, two or three at a time? (Or more!?) Do they tend to leave in the latter part of the year?  What programmes do they leave, and what was happening in the months prior to this?

What do you think, are high staff attrition rates indicative of highly effective or ineffective organisations.  Is the impact on learners positive or negative?

Here is something to think about regarding replacing these tutors:  Is a new tutor as effective as an experienced one?

Some people think that new tutors bring new energy and that this makes up for a lack of experience.

If I was in an arguing mood I might say that I would rather have an inexperienced new energetic tutor rather than a tired old experience tutor.  But I would be mostly wrong.

What happens if we consistently swap experience for energy?

The post below expresses some concerns and solutions if you are interested.

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