Tuesday 18 March 2014

Book review:  Mindset! 

Mindset pulls together much of the research by Carol Dweck, one of my personal favorite researchers. Her theory: essentially, everyone one of us holds one of two beliefs (or implicit theories) about intelligence. One of these beliefs leads to resilience, growth, and success. The other does not...

Over the next few weeks I'll post some of the ramifications of both beliefs as they are broad and far reaching. But now for a brief overview. 

According to Dweck, some people believe intellect is inherent and fixed.  This is called the 'fixed' mindset. This suggests that some people are just 'smarter' than others. Words like 'talent' or 'gifted' are often used to suggest that some people are just born 'smart'!

The second is the 'growth' mindset. This view of intelligence states that people get 'smarter' (or more intelligent) the more that they engage in new experiences and or learning. Thus, we all start on a similar playing field (it doesn't suggest there is no genetic influence) but become more intelligent the more we engage in various and diverse activities.

You 'hold' one of these views subconsciously and the clues slip out in your speech. For example, when your child scores 100% on their maths test do you say:

'Gosh you are really talented!'
Or, 'Your hard work really paid off, well done'?

One of these views will limit your life potential and that of your students/children, and the other will open opportunities for exponential growth.  

Comment below, which one do you think is better - a fixed mindset or a growth mindset; and which to you feel is true?

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